Couple and their newborn survive house fire, community steps in with support

Ashley Montelongo said if it was not for her baby waking her up, they could have lost their lives

San Antonio – A San Antonio couple is thanking their neighbors and community for the outpour of support after their home was destroyed by flames Thursday morning.

Guillermo Angel and Ashley Montelongo, his fiancé, escaped with their 2-month-old baby girl after the fire erupted in the back of their home.

Montelongo said her daughter saved their lives.

“I woke up because the baby woke up,” she said. “I changed and fed her and while I was feeding her, I heard something in the house. I just thought it was our family dog in the back but then I started smelling smoke. I put the baby down and when I looked into the kitchen, I saw smoke coming through the walls.”

Montelongo said that is when she woke Angel up and they all ran outside.

“It happened so fast,” she said. “We ran out. His mom ran out. And we went with whatever we had on with the baby. It was cold.”

The family said they got their first serving of community kindness when their neighbors gathered blankets for them while awaiting first responders.

The dog even survived but did suffer burns to his head.

Montelongo said she is sad that their family home is gone.

“I am going to miss the memories,” she said. “Us being in our home. Bringing our little girl home for the first time. This is our first home together, so it is hard to see it go.”

They also lost sentimental items.

“Her sonogram pictures we got are gone,” Montelongo said. “All her 3D photos of her throughout our pregnancy are gone.”

Despite having this loss, the family said the community has been great at filling their void.

“They have given her so many clothes and diapers and toys she lost,” Montelongo said. “They helped a lot with her. Got her a crib and even brought us clothes.”

Fire officials believe the fire may have been electrical and the family said they were told it started near their washer and dryer.

While they continue to figure out how to get back on their feet, the family said they are extremely grateful for any help they can get, and they are even more thankful to be alive.

“Things can get rebuilt,” Angel said. “That is my job is to rebuild everything back up as a family.”

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