Looking for a job? Find out how to become a Bexar County court reporter

As the rise of cases increases, so does need for court reporters

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County court reporters are ready to start the new year as more than 40 were sworn in on Tuesday morning.

The job itself is one that Stephanie Barajas Guthrie says changed her life

“I was a stay-at-home mother of seven kids for seven years, and I needed to do something for myself and my family, so I decided to proceed down this path so that I could provide for all of us,” Barajas Guthrie said.

A court reporter captures all court proceedings, recording them in an official court transcript.

That transcript is critically important, especially if defendants later file an appeal.

“If you have an interest in the legal system, in law, in true crime, this is the profession for you because you’re right there in the middle of everything,” Barajas Guthrie said. “You get to see the whole process and know how everything works.”

There are currently more than 40 court reporters in Bexar County, but more are needed as the number of court cases increases.

“There is a need,” court reporter Mary Scopas said. “It’s 100% placement. If you go to school and you become a court reporter, you will have a job.”

The average pay in Texas is around $50,000 a year, and it can be a flexible job.

“It is a very specialized profession,” Scopas said.

You might be wondering about the typing requirements and the training provided for the job that helps get court reporters about 200 words per minute.

There is a certification process to become a court reporter. You can read more about that by visiting the Texas Court Reports Association website.

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