Northeast ISD shaping next generation of IT workforce by providing interns real-world experience

Only 10 out of 35 applicants selected for this year’s internship

SAN ANTONIO – Northeast ISD is taking the next step to help students interested in cybersecurity get some real work experience.

The district opened 10 summer internship positions to students in the Institute of CyberSecurity & Innovation Magnet Program.

Eleventh grader Corrine Kinlaw is exploring a future in cybersecurity. She said the summer internship job has given her a reality check about the work she’s been learning.

“I’ve learned how to port map. I’ve kind of learned some firewall configurations,” Kinlaw said.

She said the internship has also provided a deeper understanding of the everyday technology she uses.

Kinlaw already has several basic IT certifications as part of her school program, but she said this gives her a better understanding of the job.

“I’d like to go into cybersecurity, and I’m kind of looking into digital forensics right now. That’s always interested me, problem-solving and not always having one solution to a problem,” Kinlaw said.

It’s the first time the district has offered summer internships in its IT department.

Derek Nichols, senior director of Technology Services, says the interns get to work with technicians, engineers and system administrators. Only 10 out of 35 applicants were chosen this summer.

“Having this experience is just going to further enforce their learning. It’s going to elevate their learning, let them see these topics in real-world applications,” Nichols said.


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