Animated short stories detail haunted South Texas folklore


SAN ANTONIO – Haunted folklore stories from South Texas have invaded SA Live.

The only question is -- which one will you watch first?

The Tale of La Llorona
It’s been dominant in Latin culture for hundreds of years, and some even say it goes all the way back to the Aztecs from central Mexico.

The Tale of the Converse Werewolf
Such lonesome country often holds secrets, and the area that is now Converse is no exception.

The Tale of the Haunted Railroad Tracks
Ghost children push cars out of the way when they're parked on train tracks.

The Tale of the Donkey Lady
A woman burned alive resembles the beast she was protecting.

The Tale of Woman Hollering Creek
If you are brave enough to go to the banks of the creek on a full moon, it is said that you can still hear the shrieks and wails from an upset, terrified and angry spirit.

Check back to watch a story about a woman who hollers by the river. Her cries for help are the same ones from the 1800's begging for someone to help her and her family.