Elder Eats: Top 10 Best Burger Spots in the San Antonio Area 2018

Elder Eats Top 10 Best Burger Spots 2018

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is becoming one of the hottest culinary destinations in America. Both new and old restaurants are getting recognition as some of the best in the country - and rightfully so. 

This year, I had the privilege of visiting over 85 restaurants to feature on Elder Eats. Every restaurant has something that makes it unique and delicious, but only ten can hold the title for best burger spots of 2018.




10. Munchies...its all good #1  - 5949 Ingram Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228


Munchies, It’s All Good, is a small, hole-in-the-wall diner cranking out some fantastic food - like their quadruple meat quadruple cheeseburger.

Owner Alfredo Contreras opened the food joint five years ago and is passionate about his love of serving great food to the people of San Antonio.

“The opportunity came, let's do it, here we are five and a half years later still doing it," said Contreras.

Their classic burger flavor and fried sides make this diner a must visit.





9. Dos Quality & Flavor - 6511 Ingram Rd Ste. 101, San Antonio, TX 78238


Brothers and owners Israel and Raul Cepeda are bringing classic flavors of Northern Mexico to the West Side of San Antonio.

The highlight of their unique menu is their discada - a meaty mix of beef, pork, bacon and Mexican chorizo.

The discada is made fresh daily and goes on a variety of menu items - like their discada burger.

The potato bread and onion buns are baked fresh for the restaurant by a local bakery.

The house-made patty is grilled and topped with Monterrey jack cheese, discada, and a cilantro jalapeño sauce.

They also serve up the Tejano burger, a classic double patty burger, and discada tacos.






8. Hometown Burger - 7907 W Loop 1604 N #105, San Antonio, TX 78254


This local burger spot is like if In-&-Out and Whataburger had a baby. Hometown Burger is a south side burger joint that has crazy good cheeseburgers. Their classic take on a cheeseburger includes a fresh-never-frozen double cheeseburger with tomato lettuce mustard and mayo. The burger joint also has a chili cheese dog and fried sides including mushrooms, sweet potato fries, waffle fries and pickles. 






7. Burger Lab - 9756 Southton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78223


Burger Lab is a south side restaurant that is both a Mexican restaurant and a killer burger joint creating insane burgers - like their Sir Luther, a Krispy Kreme donut breakfast cheeseburger.

Fiancés Maria and Roland opened burger lab back in July - and have been the masterminds behind all of the burger creations.

A burger named after Maria is the mi boricua - a Puerto Rican influenced burger that represents her roots.

Also on the menu - a meatloaf monstrosity called mom’s leftover meatloaf sandwich.

For burger traditionalists - their mushroom swiss burger is worth the drive.

Burger Lab makes crazy killer burgers - like their 5-pound, 12-inch patty - their onion ring tower burger and so - much - more!






6. Centerpoint Station - 3946 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666


As soon as lunchtime arrives - the restaurant gets packed with hungry customers all waiting to sink their teeth into a juicy burger.

Freshly baked buns come hot out of the oven, and Angus beef burgers are cooked to order.

You can add bacon, cheese, fresh veggies and their house-made Dr. Pepper bbq sauce to any sandwich.

The kitchen also cranks out pulled pork potato chip nachos, fried chicken salads, fried chicken wraps and so much more.

Owner Cheryl Cuppetilli acquired the business from her late father J. Garland Warren in 2009.

"He just wanted to offer a good 'ole hamburger and none of our recipes have changed," said Cuppetilli. 

Centerpoint is a classic diner full of vintage signs, great vibes with a killer burger.






5. Tucker's Kozy Korner - 1338 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205


Tucker’s Kozy Korner has been serving up delicious food in San Antonio since the 1940’s.

Now - the iconic San Antonio eatery is ready to open their doors for lunch serving grilled cheese sandwiches and other local favorites.

The menu also shares the spotlight with their house specialty - the Tucker’s double-double.

Two 44 farms ground beef patties and seared in a cast iron pan with buns from the Bread Box.

Two slices of cheddar cheese top each patty in the pan and they get stacked and placed in the salamander to finish melting.

Mustard, mayonnaise and chopped white onions cover the buns. The patties and cheese get added on top and shredded lettuce, tomatoes and house-made pickles finish it off.

The burger gets served with a side of beef fat fried house-cut French fries that are pre-seasoned with fresh parmesan added on top.

The bar is serving up fun, delicious cocktails and the atmosphere is relaxed.






4. Burger Boy - 9334 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251


Burger boy opened its newest location on the West Side of San Antonio this year - but the kitchen is still cranking out the classic burgers that South Texas has come to love since 1985.

The beloved burger joint is under new management as of last year, but the new owners promise to continue providing the same quality and service that fans of the original location have come to expect.

Burger Boy has a long history in South Texas, and the new owners are proud to continue its legacy.  The original owners, the Bates family, still provide input and make sure they don’t stray too far from the original.

The ingredients used to make the classic burgers are all local.  The meat is ground fresh daily by Bolner’s meat market, a local grocer and butcher, and the bread is from a local bakery.

Burger Boy is a San Antonio treasure. It is considered one of the top three burger joints in the United States by a national publication and will soon be available all across San Antonio with more plans to expand the restaurant around the Alamo city. 






3. Muck & Fuss Craft Beer and Burger Bar  - 295 E San Antonio St, New Braunfels, TX 78130


Muck & Fuss is New Braunfels’s newest burger joint serving up tasty drinks and craft burgers - like their spicy, flavorful ground beef headliner - the Diablo burger.

A ground beef patty gets smashed and seared on a flattop.

Toasted buns get topped with the seared patty - a jalapeño cream cheese fritter - jalapeño flavored bacon - spicy southwest ranch sauce - fresh jalapenos with the seeds in them - and finished with pickled red onion for acid and an extra touch of color.

Also on the menu - their Cuban burger - just like a Cuban sandwich - their All-American burger - a cheesy taste of what we all think of when it comes to a good ‘ole burger.






2. Fattboy Burgers & Dogs - 2345 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78213


The food at Fattboy Burgers lives up to the name.

Their food and servings come in different sizes including a slim and “fatt” option on just about everything.

All of the food is made to order and seasoned with their own patented Fiesta blend seasoning.

“When I created the restaurant, my main thing was to put love in the food. When I created my special seasoning, I ended up calling it Fattboy Love,” said owner Frank Torres.

Their signature Fattboy burger is half of a pound of pure beef. It gets topped with the cheese and toppings of your choice.

And you can’t have a tasty burger without deep-fried sides. Colossal onion rings, fried mushrooms, fried pickles and French fries give customers plenty of options.






1. Freiheit Country Store est. 1889 - 2157 FM 1101, New Braunfels, Texas 78130


Freiheit Country Store has been cranking out delicious burgers since the kitchen opened in the 1970s.

Former owner and Freiheit historian, Shorty Haas, is a big part of the country store’s evolution into the 21st century.

The store has a ton of history and is locally famous for their Freiheit Extreme Burger.

Jalapeños, red onions and mushrooms are sautéed on a flat top. Cheddar cheese and bacon on 100% 80/20 beef from Granzin's Meat Market.

Freshly sliced tomatoes, pickles, shredded iceberg lettuce, mayo and mustard all between fresh buns from Naegelin's bakery.

The menu offers diner classics like the Rueben sandwich, chicken fried steak, fried pickles and mushrooms, nachos and chicken wings.



About the Author:

David Elder is the host and executive producer of the food and travel show Texas Eats on ABC KSAT 12 and NBC KPRC 2.