“Rocky” the Red Power Ranger has San Antonio roots

Actor, Clark High School graduate Steve Cardenas shares his love for fans and Tex-Mex food

SAN ANTONIO – Go, Go San Antonio! Actor and Clark Graduate Steve Cardenas is from the Alamo City and he is proud to represent the city.

He’s known for his role as “Rocky” in the 1995 film, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.”

“I went to Lee High School and then Clark High School,” Cardenas said.

He does enjoy his Tex-Mex food and when asked which he prefers, surprisingly, he went with green salsa over red.

“Not everything about me is red,” he jokingly said.

It’s the 27th anniversary of the longest live-action kid series and the 25th anniversary to the film.

“The fans love us still, even the grown ups,” he said. “I feel like we’ve kind of bridged some generation gaps, which is cool.”

Cardenas says even after 27 years, the message from the series is more about teamwork and diversity than anything else - something that still relates to people today.

“You know at these Comic Cons we hear, ‘I went through a really tough childhood and power rangers was always a nice escape for us,‘” Cardenas said. “To hear that kind of stuff and to know we had that kind of an impact on people, it’s very humbling.”

Cardenas does keep up with all the other Power Rangers, lately through Zoom meetings, and he has launched a new podcast, “Fantastic Duo Show,” on Twitch where he features interviews with WWE stars and other actors.

He will team up, yet again, with his former Power Ranger group on Saturday, July 11, for a virtual event, “Give Kids the World.” Click here for more on that cause.

To keep up with Steve Cardenas, check out his Instagram page.