Suspect identified in double slaying

Billy Tran, 50, accused of murdering former business partner Robert Snyder, his wife Beatriz


SAN ANTONIO – Billy Tran has yet to be formally charged, but he will likely face multiple counts of capital murder after allegedly murdering his former business partner and his wife.

Police responded to a shooting call Wednesday night on 15200 block of Spring Mist, and found Robert and Beatriz Snyder dead in their home.

Police said Snyder opened the door for Tran, and was shot in the doorway. His wife was shot to death farther inside the home.

A third man, as-yet unidentified, fought Tran and was able to wrestle the gun away from him.

Meanwhile, the Snyder's 20 year-old daughter fled through an upstairs window.

Tran left the scene before police arrived, but was arrested about an hour later in a nearby shopping center.

He had dried blood on his sweatshirt, detectives said.

Police said Tran was upset about being forced out of a business partnership with Snyder, and cited that as a possible motive for the crime.