SAPD: 3 arrested after 100 mph chase, shooting

Police still looking for fourth man


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police have arrested three men and are looking for a fourth after a chase throughout the city's East and Northeast Sides that reportedly reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

A sergeant who was on the scene early Monday morning said an officer who was answering another call heard shots fired around midnight in the 100 block of Buford Alley.

The officer then began chasing a Jeep that he saw speeding away from the scene.

The chase continued along several East Side streets onto Interstate 10, with the Jeep finally exiting at Foster Road and making its way into the Sunrise subdivision on the Northeast Side.

Police said four men jumped out of the Jeep on Sunrise Bend and ran away. Officers arrested three men, but a fourth one escaped.

Police said during the chase, someone threw a magazine from a gun out of the Jeep, which officers later recovered.

At the original scene on Buford Alley, police also found a man who had been shot in the leg. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and later released.

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