Julian Castro believes 2018 election will bring turnover

Lack of action partially responsible for change in political tide, Castro says


AUSTIN, Texas – Julian Castro, a former mayor of San Antonio and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development said he believes the 2018 election cycle will bring a turnover.

The election includes a U.S. Senate race for the Texas seat currently held by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

Castro hinted at a possible run for the White House but said he has not made up his mind. He joined his brother, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, and their mother, Rosie Castro, in Austin on Tuesday for a panel discussion on education, political activism and family.

“One of the things that is good about right now is there are many groups, and many efforts point towards ensuring that young idealistic people, people with fresh ideas, are going to run, and that includes a lot of women. We're seeing a lot more women,” Rosie Castro said.

Julian Castro said he believes a lack of action by lawmakers in response to recent shootings across the country is partially responsible for a change in the political tide.