Council committee gets briefing on ideas to improve gun safety

City attorney makes proposals to City Council Public Safety Committee

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SAN ANTONIO – The city attorney on Tuesday presented some proposals to members of the City Council Public Safety Committee on how to improve gun safety in San Antonio.

Here are some options City Attorney Andy Segovia showed to the committee:

Land use/zoning: Consider the creation of a category of land use for "gun/firearm sales" in the Unified Development Code.

Bonds: Magistrates (county and city) would have the authority to post conditions of any bond before releasing a defendant from their custody. Work with the county to make as a condition of bond that any defendant charged with family violence and weapons charges not to be allowed to possess weapons while out on bond.

Procurement: Develop criteria for the solicitation of discretionary contracts that could include commitments to gun safety and education, require proposers to abide by local, state and federal gun laws, and specific requirements for solicitations that involve the procurement of firearms for the city.

Incentive Agreements: Criteria for Economic Incentive Agreements (Tax Abatements; EDIF Chapter 380s) to be revised to include limitations on incentivizing projects that do not align with the city's policies on gun safety.

Legislative Action: Pursue and support legislative action (e.g. governor's proposal for reporting stolen guns) to broaden the city's ability to address these issues.

The committee voted to allow the city attorney's office to move forward with the ideas which will be voted on at a later date.

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