Your Questions Answered: San Antonio traffic woes

SAN ANTONIO – Since KSAT launched the San Antonio Questions section of KSAT.com, one of the biggest generators of questions and complaints has been traffic -- everything from potholes to traffic lights to road signs.  

A viewer named Dan wanted to know about traffic signals at the intersection of Bulverde Road and Loop 1604. He wrote: “Can or will the traffic lights be better timed at Bulverde and 1604? It's very frustrating having to sit through 2 light cycles to get all the way through that intersection.” 

We reached out to the city to get some answers to some of your recent traffic questions.

According to Darlene Dorsey, a spokesperson for the city’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Department, or TCI, the city is currently monitoring that intersection. 

“At this time, the amount of vehicles wishing to go northbound exceeds the amount of green (signal) time that we are able to provide in order to keep traffic moving on the other intersection approaches,” Dorsey said. “In addition, whenever the signal is red for the northbound traffic on Bulverde Road, traffic from Autry Pond and Classen Spur takes up any remaining space between the Loop 1604 interchange and the first signal south of Loop 1604.”

The Texas Department of Transportation is currently working on adding U-turn lanes for those exiting Loop 1604. Dorsey said this may not eliminate delays completely, but it should help with the traffic flow.

Another viewer wrote in and wanted to know more about the timing of traffic lights. They submitted the following: “What about the terrible stop lights in S.A.? Can’t they be timed better with the flow of traffic? Too many roads like Broadway, Military Drive, W.W. White,  etc. turn red with no cross traffic.”

In 2008, TCI started the Traffic Signal Synchronization and Modernization Program. The program was created in an effort to make travel more efficient.  

According to TCI, traffic stopped 32 percent fewer times and time spent traveling was reduced by 12 percent. 

Dorsey said as the city continues to grow, crews will continue to review signal timing to see if any adjustments are needed. 

Dorsey said people can contact 311 if there is an area they believe needs to be reviewed.

Another viewer had a question about the intersection of Harry Wurzbach and Austin Highway. They submitted the following: “Who is in charge of the Street at the intersection of Harry Wurzbach and Austin Highway?? (sic) the turn from Harry Wurzbach to Austin Highway West bound (sic) is practically a ditch you have to avoid. Looks like a third world country street.”

The city will soon begin work to add connector ramps at that intersection. Construction on the $3 million project is expected to begin in August and should be done by September 2021.

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