ACS: 9 cats saved from deplorable conditions at Medical Center condo

Foul odor led ACS investigators to condo; pet owner faces charges

SAN ANTONIO – A foul odor led investigators to a Medical Center condo, where Animal Care Services says nearly a dozen mistreated cats were found living in deplorable conditions.

While KSAT was not allowed inside the property, investigators said they rescued nine cats, some with open sores. Litter boxes were also overflowing with feces.

The pet owner now faces two misdemeanor charges of failure to provide necessary care and cruel confinement.

"Every time I come into the building, I feel the smell. It's been getting worse and worse," said a maintenance worker at the Castle Wood Condominiums, who wished not to be identified.

The worker said she had just about had enough.

"I was already even thinking of getting another job," the worker said.

The woman, however, was not the only person fed up with the smell.

"Based on the information that we received from management, there were animals inside the property and there was that smell. So, that all compiled into a confinement issue or cruelty confinement issue," Manuel Flores, with ACS, said.

"Our investigators went ahead and obtained a warrant. We take these cases seriously," Flores said.

A conviction could lead to fines and imprisonment.

"The owner has a chance to plead her case to the courts, and of course, we will provide our evidence in that hearing," Flores said.

In the meantime, others who either work or live at the condo said they are just happy the felines are no longer confined to that space.

"Very happy, and I hope that smell goes away very soon," the worker said.

The cats were taken in for medical evaluation.

Pending the outcome of the case, ACS said the cats could be put up for adoption. 

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