San Antonio waiting for guidance from CDC, finalizing plans to vaccinate children ages 5-11

Metro Health looking at different sites to provide COVID-19 vaccines for kids in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – The White House on Wednesday unveiled a plan to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11.

The Biden Administration said it has secured enough COVID-19 vaccine supply to vaccinate 28 million children.

Under the plan, more than 25,000 pediatric and primary care provider sites will provide vaccinations for children.

The plan also states that tens of thousands of pharmacies will also offer the vaccine and the administration will work with community health centers and rural health clinics.

A Metro Health spokesperson said some of the possible locations where vaccines will be available for kids in San Antonio include Alamodome’s drive-thru clinic and Metro Health’s pop-up clinics.

“As soon as we get the guidance from the feds, then we’ll be making that information available and we’ll be publicizing the best places for folks to go to get their kids vaccinated,” said Claude Jacob, Metro Health Director.

Metro Health officials said they are training staff who will vaccinate children and encourages parents to talk with their child’s physician about the vaccine.

“Because we have an incredible partnership on the ground, area providers, the pharmacies, especially the pediatricians, we are making sure that we work with them hand in hand,” Jacob said.

The Biden administration also said they will make vaccination available at schools and other community-based sites.

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