20-foot Christmas tree arrives at Texas State Capitol for holidays

Tree was ‘born and raised in North Texas,’ TPWD officials said

Name: Mamie III. Age: She said, a lady never tells. (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

AUSTIN, Texas – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Texas State Capitol.

Staff with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department drove a giant Virginia Pine tree to Austin Monday morning for display at the Capitol.

Mamie III (pronounced: MAY-me) is the name of the tree, which was grown and harvested from a tree farm in Denison, near Eisenhower State Park.

The tree is named after former First Lady Mamie Geneva Eisenhower, wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, TPWD officials said.

Texas State Parks have provided Christmas trees to the Texas State Capitol for more than 40 years.

A photo of Mamie III was posted to the TPWD Facebook page Monday and lists the tree’s height as “tall.”

According to a press release from TPWD, Mamie III stands at 20-feet tall.

“This elegant beauty could be famous if she wanted but has chosen to live a simple life in the woods of Denison, Texas. While she has been complimented several times in her life, she knows that true beauty comes from the heart,” TPWD officials said of the tree.

“Over the years her needs have been modest, enjoying the North Texas sky and stars. Now that she has been called upon by the great state of Texas to serve, she is ready, able and willing. She has always known she had a greater destiny in life, and this is her chance to shine.”

Mamie III took over the Eisenhower State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife Facebook page Monday to document her journey from North Texas to Austin where she arrived in the late morning.

I have arrived at the State Capitol!!! I want to thank the team at Eisenhower for my safe journey and I am excited for my new home!!

Posted by Eisenhower State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife on Monday, November 29, 2021

Mamie III was escorted to the House of Representatives by Texas State Park Police.


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