AC maintenance companies see a boom in calls as temps heat up

To get quicker service, calling earlier in the day or before the problem starts is recommended

SAN ANTONIO – AC maintenance companies have been busy taking calls for service and repairs since late last week when temperatures started to climb.

Jessica Navarro, the owner of Stay Cool AC & Heating, says this week they are handling 15 to 20 calls daily.

“It was a different start to the year because there was a lot of rain, so it was kind of slower, and now it’s hot, and the calls are coming in,” Navarro said.

Calls for residential services are often from customers who she says have neglected their annual maintenance.

“One of the things that we ask when they call in is when was your last maintenance? And you’d be surprised that it’s to two years, three years, they don’t remember,” she said.

Commercial customers with major problems might face some issues this year. As Navarro explained, some parts are taking weeks to come in.

To avoid problems this summer, Navarro recommends customers change the filter in their system as recommended, keep the system cool, clean, and free of vegetation.

“The best thing you can do is run your ceiling fans on, close the blinds when it’s the hottest point of the day,” she said.

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