Free microchips available for San Antonio pet owners Sunday

Animal Care Services hosts Microchip MANIA clinic

(Photo by Skip Bolen/WireImage)
(Photo by Skip Bolen/WireImage)

SAN ANTONIO – Free microchips will be available to San Antonio pet owners during a clinic being held Sunday.

Animal Care Services is partnering with the Dignowity Hill Farmer's Market to bring affordable pet resources to City Council District 2 as it hosts Microchip MANIA clinic at the neighborhood market from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Residents who are interested in getting their pets sterilized will also have an opportunity to learn about free and low-cost services, ACS said.

No appointments are needed at ACS' Microchip MANIA events, but residents must ensure their animal companions are leashed or in an appropriate carrier, according to ACS.

The one-time injection is similar to a vaccination, ACS said. The "chip" is no bigger than a grain of rice.

Local veterinary clinics and shelters scan animals upon intake with a special handheld device, according to ACS. The pet's microchip has a unique ID number that is similar to a driver’s license number, which can be "read" by the scanner, helping trace the dog or cat back to the owner through their provided contact information, ACS said.

Picture ID and proof of residency are required as ACS said free microchips are available for city of San Antonio residents only. ACS-implanted microchips include basic lifetime registration and are updatable at any time without charge.