What’s better than cheese fries?

San Antonio food truck goes big with loaded French fries

SAN ANTONIO – Cheese is just the start. Maniacs Chef’s Truck goes way over-the-top with elaborate French fries and hamburgers. Don’t get it wrong they aren’t just piling things on, each recipe is planned and designed for the right balance of flavors.

You can find loaded French fries all over town, but their Maniac fries come with their secret cheese sauce and their special maniac sauce - making this one a one-of-a-kind. And no flimsy, wimpy bacon. It’s thick cut, well-cooked and looks more like an entree than a topping. And if you’re looking for some fries that are more of an entree than appetizer, you might want to try their Hook ‘em fries. They’re covered in a generous portion of pulled porked, covered in barbecue sauce and topped with grilled corn. It’s more than a meal, it’s a an experience.

Here we are talking about the fries, and we haven’t even gotten to their burgers. The name Go beef or go home says it all. It’s a monster of a burger. Loaded with pepper, onions, jalapenos, bacon, all held together with melted cheese then stacked on the burger and topped with a jalapeno popper. It might sound like a lot but it’s actually well-portioned and doesn’t over-do it like some-triple, or even double-stacked burgers you can find around town. Last but not least, what they are really know for is their Mac Attack. Cheese sauce, melted cheese, over grilled macaroni all topped on a burger. Words don’t do it justice, you just got to see it and taste is for yourself.

The Manaics Chef’s Truck goes all over town from apartments, to businesses. You can keep up with them to find out where they will be next. Stay connected through their facebook and instagram.