Truck driver stunned as SUV comes barreling toward him on West side street

SUV driver suffers serious injuries in Castroville Road crash

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are trying to figure out what made a driver suddenly veer into oncoming traffic on a West Side street and collide with a delivery truck.

The crash happened shortly before 7 a.m. Wednesday in the 1700 block of Castroville Road, east of General McMullen.

Saul Rodriguez was behind the wheel of a different vehicle, a delivery truck loaded with beef patties, when he noticed the oncoming SUV swerving into his lane.

“I slowed down but then he fixed himself, so I thought everything was OK,” he said. “But then in the last minute, he just came over here.”

The SUV hit Rodriguez’s truck head-on, sending the truck into a utility pole.

“It felt like he was going 60 miles an hour. But he wasn't. He was going probably, like, 30,” Rodriguez said. “I was just shaky, you know?”

Rodriguez, who said he was uninjured, was able to climb out of his truck on his own.

The man behind the wheel of the SUV, however, was trapped. Firefighters had to cut the vehicle apart in order to free him.

The SUV driver suffered a visible leg injury and possible internal injuries, police said. He was rushed to a hospital.

Investigators did not know right away what caused him to go off course.

They spent some time at the scene piecing together what happened.

Rodriguez, meanwhile, said the crash threw his delivery schedule off course.

Firefighters helped him salvage his merchandise, though, by loading the boxes of beef patties onto another truck.

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