Weekend violence in downtown San Antonio results in anything but business as usual Monday morning

Several businesses still have boards covering broken windows, remain closed

Weekend violence in downtown San Antonio results in anything but business as usual Monday morning
Weekend violence in downtown San Antonio results in anything but business as usual Monday morning

SAN ANTONIO – A violent Saturday night in downtown San Antonio resulted in anything but business as usual for merchants Monday morning.

At least six arrested as protests turn to destruction in downtown San Antonio

Windows on several businesses remained boarded up and their doors remained closed.

Beneath those boards, in many cases, are windows that were shattered when violence erupted in the area Saturday night.

San Antonio police said a group intent on causing chaos began not only breaking windows, but spray-painting graffiti and stealing property from businesses.

The rampage began after an otherwise peaceful protest nearby that was against the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

In response to the mayhem that broke out in San Antonio, police arrested about a half dozen people.

Worker prepares to repair window shattered during Saturday’s mayhem downtown. (KSAT 12 News)

“It looks like people being horrible, you know? All we can do is hope and pray for the best,” said Joey Huerta, as he surveyed the damage to one building.

Huerta and his co-workers at Dave’s Windows have been charged with repairing a lot of the problems.

On one building, alone, they boarded up and planned to replace glass on 10 windows.

A worker carefully measures a window that was shattered during Saturday night’s mayhem downtown. (KSAT 12 News)

“We’ve been jam packed,” he said. “My brother’s the owner of the company and he has just been calling us non-stop to go over here, go there.”

Private citizens and city workers have pitched in as well. By Sunday morning, they were out cleaning up the mess and sweeping up broken glass by the bag full.

Still, some of the damage may not be known yet.

San Antonio woman charged with damaging property downtown during quieter night of protesting

While a few restaurants were able to repair their windows and reopen, It’s unclear when other businesses may be able to get back to business.

KSAT 12 News spoke to a woman who said she manages a building that houses several bars.

She said those businesses had been shut down due to the coronavirus.

Now she expects they will have to remain closed after the closure order is lifted in order to make repairs.

Following is a list of damages sustained in the downtown area.

City of San Antonio facilities

  • La Villita: Heavy graffiti, windows broken. Windows have been boarded and graffiti removed
  • River Walk: Seven sets of graffiti and five acts of criminal mischief. Graffiti has been removed and repaired
  • Parking Garages (Convention Center, Houston Street):  Graffiti and criminal mischief. All have been removed and repaired
  • Parking Pay Stations: Graffiti. In the process of removing
  • Hemisfair: Graffiti. All has been removed
  • Visit San Antonio Visitor Center: Windows broken.  Have been boarded up.

Public Works Infrastructure

Five damaged traffic signs that have been repaired

Five traffic poles, signs and cabinets that have graffiti. Clean up underway

One missing sign that will be replaced Tuesday

Graffiti Removal Damage Assessment:

Graffiti removal on businesses continues Monday afternoon. On Monday morning, 28 sites of graffiti were removed. If a business needs assistance, please call 311. At least 39 business sustained broken windows and damage. If a business sustained damage, please file a police report by calling 210-207-SAPD.

City officials have not released a damage estimate.

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