Top kid chefs from around Texas will converge on San Antonio for culinary battle

Annual Junior Chef Competition will take place this month and is free to attend

7th Annual Junior Chef Competition (JUNIOR CHEF COMPETITION)

SAN ANTONIO – Young chefs from Texas will be competing in the seventh Annual Junior Chef Competition on July 23 in San Antonio.

Organized by nonprofit World Lolei Inc. founder Chef Milas Williams and co-hosted by Chef Johnny Hernandez, the cook-off is free to the public.

The chefs range in age from 10-17.

The competition will be held at The Kitchen Campus, located at 3014 Rivas St. on the West Side, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A number of celebrity guests and judges, such as Famous Amos, Raven Phelps-Jackson, Leo Davila, Geronimo Lopez, Anthony Cubit and Tatu Herrera, are expected to make an appearance, according to a press release.

What will happen?

On the day of event, two teams of four young culinarians will face off in preparing the best dish from scratch. They will be working in a full-kitchen setting.

Judges will factor in taste, presentation and culinary skills to determine the top dish and team, organizers said.

The winners will be awarded a championship belt along with an Amazon series 8 edition Fire tablet, knife set, backpack, complimentary professional chef wear, award medallions, gift bags and a gift card worth $100.

You might ask what’s in it for the audience?

In addition to witnessing passionate, young cookers battling to prepare various international dishes, audience members will be included in a raffle to win exciting electronic gifts, like a television and cash prizes.

Free snacks and drinks will be provided for kids who attend.

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