‘We’re just hoping to get through this’: San Antonio residents struggling to keep warm amid power outage

The cold weather has crept its way inside the homes of many San Antonio residents

SAN ANTONIO – Frustrations are mounting for many San Antonians who feel they have been left in the cold and without answers.

Residents who live in the 13900 of Laurel Hollow on the North Side enjoyed Monday’s snowfall, but less than 24 hours later, the joy melted away.

One resident, Janelle Plummer said she has not had power since Monday. Since then, the frigid cold has made it into her home.

She has resorted to using candles and blankets to keep warm but it’s not enough, she said.

“We’re just hoping to get through this. Come on, it’s Texas,” Plummer said.

Her home had been experiencing the rolling outages before the power went out completely.

She has resorted to using her truck to warm up and to charge her phone. Plummer said she needs to stay plugged in to receive CPS Energy updates.

“Trying to get any information back about it has been really hard,” she said.

Phyllis Hayes is also keeping warm in her car. She has lived in the neighborhood for almost 30 years but has not experienced anything like this.

“This is how I slept last night, just another layer,” she said.

Although she remains in good spirits the question still etched in her mind: “How much longer it’s going to last?”

Although she lives alone, she is part of a close-knit group of neighbors. She said they have all been looking out for each other.

“We’re all neighbors and that’s how we’re treating each other so there’s a lesson in this even though it’s a chilly lesson,” Hayes said.

CPS Energy customers who are experiencing blackouts may not have power by Tuesday night, when freezing rain is expected, according to officials.

John Moreno, a representative for the energy company, joined GMSA @ 9 for a virtual Q&A on Tuesday morning and said customers can be affected by outages into Wednesday.

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