Magazine accidentally refers to San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro as 'Joaquin Phoenix'

click to enlarge Left: Screen Capture / C-SPAN; Right: Wikimedia Commons / Harald KrichelEven with beards we can still tell them apart: U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro (left) and actor Joaquin Phoenix (right). Joaquin Phoenix wears many hats. One of the greatest actors of his generation, he has now turned his attention to transforming the State Department. — Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid) March 3, 2021San Antonio Congressman Joaquin Castro is used to mistaken identity. So much so that he grew a patchy beard so he wouldn't be confused with his twin brother, former SA mayor Julian Castro, when the latter ran for president.But a recent flub by the left-wing publicationhas taken Castro confusion to a whole new level.In an article on the Biden administration's effort to increase diversity in the State Department, the magazine mentioned that "Rep. Joaquin Phoenix (D-Texas)" penned an introduction to a report on how remake the institution.Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, pointed out the error in a tweet, cheekily noting that Phoenix, in addition to being a stellar actor, has "now turned his attention to transforming the State Department. "While Phoenix in known for bringing spot-on impersonations to the screen — notably Johnny Cash and himself in the middle of a mental breakdown — we're pretty sure he's not working on a new project where he portrays a Texas congressman.has since corrected the error in its online story